Wesley Warren Jr. Says No To Free Surgery Offer

Danica J. | June 21, 2012 | 0 Comments More

Fame and fear are preventing Wesley Warren Jr. who is also known as the man with 100-pound scrotum from getting an operation than can solve his health issue.

The Las Vegas man was contacted by Dr Mehmet Oz who hosts “Dr. Oz Show” who offered him to pay for the delicate surgery but Warren has declined his proposition because the celebrity physician wants him to sign the exclusive rights of his remarkable story to his show.

Mr Warren publicly shared that he is afraid of bleeding to death or losing his private parts during the procedure.

But privately the 47-year-old who has difficulties urinating, keeping a job and having any kind of relationship has revealed that his impressive organ has brought him fame and fortune and is not ready to give his success up.

Warren who has been raising money via Facebook is set to appear on a reality show/documentary on TLC, and is scheduled to conduct another interview with Howard Stern Show.

Dr Joel Gelman, a University of California surgeon is also offering the 1 million dollar corrective surgery to Warren for free – but there is little chance he will accept because if he removes his enormous scrotum he will no longer be famous.

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