US Gays HIV Infection Rising

Jerry Reth | September 26, 2010 | 1 Comment More

US Gays HIV Infection Rising – A recent study has shown that one in five homosexual men who are living in 21 major US cities are infected with the HIV virus and nearly half of those who are infected are unaware of it. The study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They also found that the level of HIV infection among homosexual men rose nearly 17 percent from 2005 to 2008, showing that the level infection has continued to grow and is devastating the homosexual community in most large cities.

Currently, 19 percent of men who engage in sexual relationships with other men are HIV positive and 44 percent of those who have the disease are unaware that they have been infected. The study was conducted on more than 8,000 homosexual men and was published in the Morbidity and Mortality weekly Report.

The message of the study shows that the level of HIV among homosexuals is quickly rising, and most are not aware of this fact because they do not get tested. Gays of all ethnicities are affected by AIDS, but it appears that the African American community has been most heavily impacted. 28 percent of African American homosexuals have HIV, while Hispanic sit at 18 percent and whites sit at 16 percent.

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  1. JB says:

    In my experience, most gay men don’t get tested, huge numbers don’t even go to bars but once in a blue moon, and even more aren’t out at all… so a more correct headline would be “20% of bar frequenting gay men who were tested for HIV (perhaps because they had a worrisome reason to do so), were found to be HIV positive”… which is a world of difference from “20% of Gay Men are HIV Positive”.

    So if only 50% of gay men go to bars… and of that 50%, 5% were tested… and only 20% of that 5% were found to be HIV positive… that number is orders of magnitude different than 20% of all gay men.

    An equitable selection in sample would be made if i went to WalMart Pharmacy and offered free flu testing… of course people who felt flu like symptoms would make up the majority of those getting tested… but would only be a fraction of the people who are actaully in WalMart… if only 5 people had the time to sit down and be tested, and of those five who felt flu like symtoms, 4 actually had the flu… and then i ran headlines that claimed “4 OUT OF 5 WAL MART SHOPPERS ARE INFECTED WITH THE FLU AND 100% ARE UNAWARE!!!!”… if i did that… i’d be very dishonest.

    Not that we shouldn’t be tested and safe every single time… but these headlines are used for political purposes when they are this misleading.