Stacey Comerford Kleine-Levin Syndrome Makes Her Sleep For Two Months

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A teenager by the name of Stacey Comerford who suffers from what is commonly known as “Sleeping Beauty” syndrome spent over two months sleeping due to her condition.

The British student who can sleep for 20 hours in row was diagnosed with the rare sleeping condition called Kleine-Levin syndrome in 2011 was originally thought to be a troubled teen who was acting out and skipping class in order to catnap.

Stacey Comerford who is a straight-A student mother Bernie Richards took her to see several health specialists including a neurologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital who eventually diagnosed the 15-year-old with Kleine Levin Syndrome.

Bernie Richards revealed that last year her daughter slept for almost 60 days (missed her birthday and failed to take 9 exams) waking up briefly to drink water, eat a small portion of food, and go rapidly to the toilet. She shared:

“I was even investigated by the local education authority because Stacey’s school thought I was deliberately keeping her out of school. They’ve stopped now we’ve got a diagnosis.
I always knew there was something wrong. I know my daughter.She’s gone from a fresh faced teenager, full of energy to sleeping all the time.We can’t plan anything because Stacey might be asleep.She could go to sleep tonight and wake up next week.We try and laugh and joke about it because it’s the only way to get through it.”

According to the Stanford University’s Center for Narcolepsy, KLS is a rare illness that has affected about 1000 people world wide.

While no one knows the real cause of the disease – it mainly affects teenagers after they have battled certain illnesses.

There is no known cure for the sleeping disorder but often time doctors will prescribe the powerful drug called modafinil to help keep the patients stay awake for longer periods.

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