San Francisco Circumcision Ban?

FREDD F. SANDINO | November 14, 2010 | 0 Comments More

San Francisco Circumcision Ban? – Lately San Francisco has earned a name as the city of banning, adding a new proposal to the ballot that could end circumcision in the California city. Lloyd Schofield, the man who penned the ballot proposal which would make it a misdemeanor offense to circumcise has called the ritual genital mutilation. He admits that it will be a controversial measure that might not pass, but that isn’t stopping him from supporting it himself and trying to spread the word as to how people should vote on it.

The Center for Disease Control still hasn’t reached a verdict on whether circumcisions are actually cleaner or more sanity than leaving the penis uncircumcised. They have promised the public recommendations as to what new parents should do with their children so as to give them the best chances of being healthy. A majority of medical groups and organizations do not hold any particular views on the subject as it has not really been studies all that thoroughly. The CDC’s investigation into it promises to be one of the first real studies to determine the health value of circumcision if any. This will give parents a way of determining for themselves whether or not they want to get their children circumcised at a young age or just avoid it completely.

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