Radioactive Food Fear In Japan

FREDD F. SANDINO | March 21, 2011 | 0 Comments More

Recent tests discovered higher levels of radioactive iodine topping seven times the established legal limit coming from samples of raw milk, spinach, and two leaf vegetables from distances as far as the Chiba prefecture to the east of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

This means that the safety of the food source of Japan is in big question after the massive earthquake and monster tsunami that hit the island nation on March 11.

Tests also showed that there were elevated levels of radiation in the drinking water of Tokyo but no alarm as the level is far lower than the legal limit.

These elevated levels of radioactive iodine in the foods brought the Japanese government to halt the shipment of raw milk from the Fukushima prefecture and goods from other affected areas.

Decisions on how widespread they should extend the prohibition of goods will be done at a later date probably as more tests are conducted.

Officials like Tetsuro Fukuyama, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, stated, “I have never let my children drink much milk but at the current level of concentration I would have no hesitation in letting them consume spinach and tap water ”.

However, four of the 37 milk samples from the Fukushima region were above the legal limit.

Given the nebulous answers given by Japanese officials and scientists including the confession the other day by the head of the Tokyo Electric Power Company that the situation was worse than they stated to the public makes these disclosures of non-alarm regarding radioactive food worth a skeptical eye by everyone affected.

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