Mental Illness In 20% US Adults

Stephen DC | November 22, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Mental Illness In 20% US Adults – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration revealed some interesting data which suggests that 1 in 5 U.S adults suffer from some type of mental illness. Back in 2009 the administration reported that around twenty percent of adults who are 18 and older in the United States suffer from various mental illnesses, a statistic which was not thought to be that large or significant.

Among those who were counted with some type of mental illness, 11 million have one that is serious. The study also suggests that women are more likely than men to have some type of mental illness, a genetic gender bias which seems to be true in this case.

In the study over 23 percent of all the people surveyed with mental illnesses were women and around 15 percent were men. There are around 6.4 million people total that have a serious mental illness which affects their health in a significant way.

The report also gave information on those who think seriously about suicide in the U.S, approximately 3.7 percent of adults who are age 18 and up. The report is certainly a disturbing one for those who did not think that mental health was such a problem in the United States.

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