Japan Radiation Fear Hits China

Varni | March 18, 2011 | 0 Comments More

With the Japanese nuclear plant crisis in full swing, the ramifications in nearby China has spurred a rush of panic buying of salt.

Lines for blocks long of Chinese trying to get into stores to buy iodized salt could be seen throughout the country. This is due to the fears that radiation from the stricken nuclear power plants would wash over China.

The government is trying to allay fears as grocery stores are being emptied of iodized salt as residents believe that the salt will help in case of radiation poisoning.

Rumors are running rampant as people are sending text messages by cell phone alarming one another that the country’s supply of sea salt would be contaminated and that by consuming iodized salt that would help protect them should radiation from the stricken Fukushima power plants reach China.

Videos are flooding in of panicked Chinese rushing stores and supplies where they believe they can get their hands on iodized salt.

The nuclear power plants in Japan have suffered from both an earthquake and devastating tsunami that has made efforts to stem off a major nuclear reactor core meltdown difficult.

Governments have been calming citizens by emphasizing that the situation is under control but that is not how the citizens feel about the official declarations.

Should the nuclear plants meltdown totally despite frantic efforts to contain the problem, and the winds shift west southwest into China the panic will be nothing short of biblical in proportion, something China nor the world can afford.

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