Inositol Lung Cancer

Terry Reth | April 9, 2010 | 1 Comment More

Inositol Lung Cancer – Apparently there has been a gene found inside the human body that might be able to be used to predict who is going to get lung cancer amongst smokers. Researches are saying that there is significant evidence to suggest that these specific genes that they have been able to distinguish apart from people especially among lung cancer patients can be used to predict which smokers will eventually contract severe lung cancer. Perhaps we are getting a bit too scientific with our research by being able to tell you your future and whether or not you will get cancer is rather frightening.

Researches also reported that a natural supplement that they have been testing that is commonly found in many times of food is showing to significantly delay or maybe even halt the precancerous changes.

Andrea Bild who was working on the study said, “Even in normal cells or premalignant cells prior to cancer development we see this pathway being turned on.” The gene is being called Pl3K and what it appears to be doing in the body is severely affected the pathway that the other genes move through. It is commonly found in the windpipes of smokers and this would rule out their need to undergo dangerous lung tests. Spria told reporters during a telephone interview that “these cells are like a canary in the coal mine.” They tell the doctors when something is forming and they need to be fixed. “Even though lung cancer develops deep down in your lungs when you smoke, these cells can tell you whether you are on the way to developing lung cancer. It is sort of a window into the lung.”

Cigarette smoke causes 90 percent of all lung cancer cases and it kills close to 1.2 million people every single year around the world. Only about 10 percent of smokers get lung cancer but many times they are affected in other ways from it such as the development of heart disease, having a stroke, or emphysema.

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  1. Madeline says:

    Does anyone know how one can get tested for the lung cancer gene inositol treats?