HPV Vaccine Protects Against Genital Warts?

Jerry Reth | July 23, 2010 | 0 Comments More

HPV Vaccine Protects Against Genital Warts? – A new study has found that the HPV vaccine also protects against genital warts. The study showed that the vaccine actually helps prevent a number of sexually transmitted diseases, but as of now is only used to fight HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. It helps prevents genital warts as well, as well as low-grade cervical growths.
The findings were published on the 21st of July and were very clear. The researchers estimate that the virus causes over 500,000 cases of cervical cancer in women each year around the world. The virus also causes warts in the genital area, as well as cervical growths.

The condition may affect as many as 30 million people each year. The trial shows that in 17,622 women that are located 24 different countries who have been assigned to take the vaccine or a placebo over a sixth month period, have a much lower chance of having some form of cervical growth.
This is an interesting study that could go a long way toward helping us figure out ways to prevent the spread of STDs. The more vaccines that come out, the better our protection will be. The big picture is that the vaccine is able to create sustained protection for the individual, and will help fight the affects for up to four years.
“The vaccine has not yet been licensed for boys, but this study provides a strong case that boys should be vaccinated to prevent acquisition of HPV and prevent genital warts,” said Dr. Crumpacker.

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