High Levels Of Bacteria: Two South Florida Beaches Closed

Jerry Reth | September 5, 2010 | 0 Comments More

High Levels Of Bacteria: Two South Florida Beaches Closed – 2 beaches in South Florida have been closed to swimmers after tests showed high levels of bacteria in the water. The news has spoiled the plans of many during Labor Day weekend, but officials have said that they would much rather be safe than sorry. Included in the two beaches was Crandon Park Beach, which is usually very crowded during this weekend. Many who were planning on visiting the beach did not realize that they were closed until they had crossed the $1.50 Rickenbacker Causeway and had paid as much as $8 for parking.

The Miami-Dade Health Department has said that they expect the advisory to remain in effect throughout the Labor Day weekend. Swimming in the water could be potentially dangerous, especially since it was not initially clear what was causing the issue.

The first warning was issued on Wednesday, after samples that were collected did not meet the recommended levels. Health officials have said that contact with the water could pose risk of illness, especially for individuals that have weakened immune systems.Although official results have not been returned at, health officials decided to shut down the usually crowded beaches throughout Labor Day weekend as a safety precaution.

Luckily, a number of other near by beaches are still open for business, including in the village of Key Biscayne. All of the beaches in the village are currently open for swimmers, and tests have not shown abnormal levels of bacteria in the water.

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