Government Funded Stem Cell Research Ban Lifted In Court

Stephen DC | April 30, 2011 | 0 Comments More

An astounding victory occurred for proponents of stem cell research and technologies as a judge on Friday overturned an earlier temporary ban on government funded stem cell research.

The ramifications of this decision may well be one of the major turns in medicine and science since the invention of the wheel.

Because the government wasn’t allowed in the funding of science that would have destroyed embryos, the court saw that now the government wouldn’t be in that category.

There’s a double edged sword regarding stem cells as the public and officials are unaware that there are two types of stem cell research. One is embryonic stem cells that are formed after fertilization of an egg.

These stem cells used to be only gleaned by destroying the embryo. Further technology no longer needs this to be done, however scientists have warned that embryonic stem cells may lead to cancers which has been proven.

However, everyone has what’s referred to as adult stem cells, stem cells already in one’s body that go about doing the same things that embryonic stem cells do but without the dangers.

Adult stem cell research took a backseat to embryonic stem cells and funding had to be private. However, because of the remarkable treatments that adult stem cells have shown, it’s absurd not to pursue them. Nowadays it’s been proven that with stem cells every organ in the body can be treated.

Scientists have shown they can regrow organs include complex systems like spinal cord nerve tissue, optical tissues and more. Even advances in regenerating skin on severe burn victims has been spotlighted on shows like 60 Minutes where instead of years of skin grafts, victims of severe burns can be treated in mere days.

Other countries without these bans on funding are years ahead of the US and because of the bans the US may well miss out on the biggest medical treatments in history.

Now with the ban on funding lifted there may be in a few years treatments so astounding that they mirror such things seen on futuristic shows like “Star Trek”.

For years the man who created the first commercially successful adult stem cell treatment center for cardio vascular diseases, Mr. Don Margolis had predicted and monitored the stem cell industry. His accuracy rate in regard to developments in the technologies has been quite spot on.

Needless to say this is indeed an astronomical victory for science, medicine, and the White House.

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