German ‘Forest Boy’ Picture Released

Danica J. | June 14, 2012 | 0 Comments More

Berlin ‘forest boy’ pic has been released and can be seen here.

German authorities have released several pictures of the individual being called the Berlin ‘forest boy’ who appeared out of nowhere into the capital last month making some very bizarre claims.

According to the police the teenager shared that his first name was Ray did not remember his last name.

The young man who spoke English without any recognizable accent added that he had been living in the forest for the last five years with his father also named Ray who died in August of 2011 and he buried him in the Harz Mountains, along the Bavarian-Czech border (police have been searching for the burial site in vain).

The mysterious man who is not savage and loves bowling/television explained that he moved in the forest after his mother Doreen died in a car accident (police records showed that no one by the name of Doreen died in a car accident in the last 20 years).

The 17-year-old who is in foster might be British and has doctors scratching their heads for his has no signs of amnesia and appears to be in great health for someone who had been living in the wilderness for so long.

Mark Williams-Thomas, director of child protection consultants WT Associates believes that teen might have been traumatized in the past and by bringing him back to England – his memory might return:

“First of all it’s key to focus on the boy himself.What will be most important is not the last five years, but what caused him to go to the woods in the first place – what was the trigger?
They must begin to ascertain with a psychologist whether he’s suffering any trauma, i.e if he ended up in the woods off the back of his mother dying. It may be his recollection of events during that traumatic period are very vague and he subsequently remembers the last five years but not much before that, but that may be important.It may be there are DNA, dental and fingerprint records that are held- but with him being only 12 when he left his country (which we believe to be the UK) it is highly unlikely. However, this must be done so they can be eliminated.”

Ray claimed that he was born on June 20, 1995 and is about 5ft 11 with blonde hair.

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