Ella 5-Days-After-Sex Pill FDA Panel Approved

Jerry Reth | June 18, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Ella 5-Days-After-Sex Pill FDA Panel Approved – A new type of birth control called Ella has been approved by the FDA. The Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs voted to recommend the drug. The pill, is intended for women who have had unprotected sex or for women who have used failed contraceptive. The pill may be taken up to 5 days after they engage in sexual activity. There are currently no drugs that allow woman to take them over 72 hours after they have had unprotected sex or sex with a failed contraceptive. The options that are currently available are just not enough for some women, and Plan B continues to record failures among users.

This new drug works in a similar way. Ella, is reportedly both effective and safe to use. The main trial, which used woman who were 18 and older in the United States, and the other trial that used woman 16 and older, both yielded similar results in both age groups. The pill is not as effective with heavier women, but the committee voted against adding a warning label to the drug warning obese women that they could experience problems with the drug.
The pill, which is manufactured by HRA Pharma is a progesterone receptor modulator. It binds progesterone receptors in various tissues in the body. The hormone is a main part of the pregnancy process, and without it, the pregnancy will never move past the fertilization stage. The drug should be hitting the market some time next year, and will likely make a splash with conservatives who feel that the 5 day period is too long.

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