E. Coli Outbreak Hits 6 States

Danica J. | June 11, 2012 | 1 Comment More

Health officials in America are currently investigating a mysterious outbreak of E. coli that has spread in 6 states and has caused at least 14 people to fall sick.

In a statement issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the individuals were contaminated between April 15 and May 12 and showed signs of the sickness 2 to 5 days after consuming the infected product.

It was revealed that 5 people were hospitalized in Georgia, 4 in Louisiana where a child by the name of Maelan Elizabeth Graffagnini died and 1 case in both Florida and California.

E. coli bacteria which is mainly found in ground beef, raw milk, dairy products and juices can cause bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

According to the CDC, the sickness is easily prevented by washing hands, all utensils in contact with raw meat such as counters/cutting boards and by avoiding unpasteurized products and undercooked meats.

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  1. Dawna R says:

    I was struck with food poisoning ~April 7th. It came on violently–I passed out and broke my nose on the tiled bathroom floor. I believe it came from gyro meat, which was purchased by the restaurant from out of state.