Dendreon Provenge

Terry Reth | April 30, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Dendreon Provenge – A new one-of-a-kind prostate cancer treatment has been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug is said to use the body’s very own immune system in order to fight off the cancerous cells. Cancer is a very strong disease and progressive disease but this new treatment is giving patients an alternative to the older treatments that have serious side affects that are not desired. Some of these decade old treatments can even cause death on their own. Dendreon Corp.’s Provenge is said to train your own immune system to get strong and fight off tumors that are cancerous. The treatment is referred to as a “vaccine” regardless of the fact that it is used to actually treat the disease instead of just preventing it. Generally, vaccines are used to only prevent health problems.

This type of research has been going on for quite a few years but doctors have never been successful with their research until now. Provenge is the only “vaccine” that has actually proven to make people with cancer live longer and feel better. The drug was initially created to treat cancer that has taken a deadly approach and moved to multiple areas of the human body. The drug is also recommended for those who have tried hormone therapy but their bodies did not respond. Provenge has immune cells inserted into it from the patient’s own blood and then you get exposed to large amounts of protein that are normally found in prostate cancer. This type of exposure then makes the cells become hostile against each other and they will begin to destroy the very cells that are cancerous.

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