Daniel Ray Stewart: Fake Doctor Saw ER Patients In North Carolina

Stephen DC | November 26, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Daniel Ray Stewart: Fake Doctor Saw ER Patients In North Carolina – A man from North Carolina is being charged with impersonating a doctor after he apparently posed as an ER health professional, seeing patients for a number of weeks before it was discovered that he did not in fact have a medical degree or credentials of any kind that allowed him to work at the hospital or any other.

Daniel Ray Stewart is 24 years old and was charged with multiple misdemeanor offenses that centered around impersonating a doctor, a very serious offense in many states that take it seriously. Stewart posed as a resident in the hospital who was visiting, giving multiple people medical attention.

His pseudo treatments took place in the emergency room of a Cape Fear Valley hospital and said that he was doing this for several weeks in the month of October, but said that there was no direct contact with any of the actual patients. Stewart claims that the hospital should have dealt with him directly instead of going right to the police which they were required to do because of the nature of the situation. The hospital claims that although Stewart was posing as a real doctor, he was not dealing with patients directly, instead leaving that up to nurses and doctors in the medical center.

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