China Denies Milk Powder And Infant Breast Growth Link

Jerry Reth | August 16, 2010 | 0 Comments More

China Denies Milk Powder And Infant Breast Growth Link – A Chinese investigation has found that there is no link between milk powder and infant breast growth in the products of a number of different companies. No evidence was found linking the two, and the country is saying that the breast growth is probably coming from somewhere else.

The health ministry launched an investigation into the Hubei province after claims that milk powder led to premature sexual development in some infant girls. An investigation was quickly launched into the matter, and it was found that there was no connection between the milk formula and the early development in the girls.

On Monday, the Sunutra chairman said that media reports about the company have been “highly irresponsible and based on speculation instead of evidence.” While some doubted that in the early going, especially because the company has been investigated for tainted milk previously, it now appears that they may have been being honest about their product.
“We do not add hormones to our products and we have invested heavily in research, quality control, formulations and ingredients,” the statement on the company’s web site said.
The company also said that they would be taking legal action to protect their brand. It is strange that the media jumped so quickly to blame the company instead of letting the investigation run its full course. Now the company has to fight to regain the trust of their customers that have been scared off by media reports.

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