Christopher Peña Says Burger King Fired Him For Being HIV-Positive

Danica J. | May 8, 2012 | 0 Comments More

A man by the name of Christopher Peña is claiming that he was fired from Burger King after they learned that he was HIV positive.

Christopher Peña teamed up with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund to file a lawsuit against the fast food giant for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act- a law that makes it illegal to terminate an employee’s contract based solely on the fact that they are sick.

Mr Peña claimed that he was a manager for several eateries located Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Va. belonging to the company for seven years and had a perfect record.

All of that changed in 2011 after disclosing to his supervisor that he had HIV.

He broke the news on June 2011 soon after he received several unjust and explainable disciplinary actions and by September he was fired for poor performance.

Mexican American Legal Defense Fund has revealed that Latino men are more likely to have the disease than Caucasians.

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