Breast Cancer More Common In Black Women

Zoe E. B. | July 26, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Breast Cancer More Common In Black Women – There have been many different examples of breast cancer sufferers responding differently to treatments, and humans being affected differently by the disease itself. A new study has shown that triple negative breast cancer is more common in African women and African-American women. The study carried out by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center showed that eighty two percent of African breast cancer sufferers were triple negative, as were twenty six percent of African American women, and sixteen percent of white Americans. It is said that the triple negative strain of breast cancer is the most serious.

There have been cases where animals have been used for testing medicines and because the animals have had an adverse affect to the treatment, the medicines have been left unused. However, it has been proven that animal testing is not always reliable, meaning that possible cancer cures could have been left on the shelf. The case of Penicillin shows this, as when it was originally tested it was deemed to be ineffective on humans, which was of course wrong. Controversial views have been aired by some people regarding experiments on animals, suggesting that more money should be put into testing medicines on humans instead of animal based trials. Controversial as these views may be, it does actually make sense. It would certainly mean more reliable results and less chance of a potential cure being ignored or dismissed, which could have happened many times in the past due to only testing on animals.

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